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"Tell The Truth" - A poem by Michelle Bunt

Tell the truth - but tell it softly

Like a whisper exchanged between the lips and ears of two lovers

Tell the truth - but tell it clearly

Like a church bell, whose peals can be discerned over hills, sirens, and city blocks, miles away

Tell the truth when you are happy so that others may be uplifted

Yet tell the truth when you are broken and weary, eyes puffy and red from weeping, voice coarse and husky from screaming at the universe

Yes - especially tell the truth then so that none may forget what it means to be human

Tell the truth - and hold on to it fiercely - protecting your baby when others are trying to steal

Her from you

Tell the truth - but don't be afraid to let it bend, when faced with differing views

It will not break if you acknowledge and affirm another's perspective

Tell the truth

And if at some point as you speak you realise the foolishness of what you are saying

Stop, and say "You know what - actually, I don't know"

Then you will be blessed

For the world responds to honesty

And the humility of those who admit their limitations.

"I Am the Centre"

I am the centre of my own universe

I am the centre around which all in my life revolves

I mould it with my thoughts

I give it substance with my actions

I give it life with the breath of my speech

I am responsible for the creation all around me

I am a co-creator with all other creators in my sphere of living

Each person around me is the centre and creator of their own universe

God is the linking force between univereses

Love is the bridge between universes

No-one else's universe can change or destroy my own

I am in complete control

I have total responsibility

Kyle McGregor - Remembering A Beautiful Little Boy


- One woman's experience of the NZ Mental Health System

Open the door! Let me out!

I shout I cry I plead ...

I'm here! I'm here!

I'm locked inside

My dreams, my fears

But no one hears.

They see the shell

Hard sell Hard facts;

Mental Health Act!

Deprivation. Incarceration. Medication.

No voice. No voice. No choice.

I'm here! I'm here! Please see my fear!

I cry hard tears for all the years

That come and go,

And all I know is locked inside.

No pride is left ... I am bereft.

The world is deaf.

Despise! Chastise! Tell lies! Deny.

No joy. No joy. No joy ...