You may participate in this page by:

Full names will not be disclosed on the page. First names only will be used, or initials or nicknames, if you prefer. The healing will always go to the intended recipient.

When you enter this Spiritual Healing Page you will find a peaceful image, and below it a Healing Prayer. By reading the prayer, either aloud or silently, you are contributing to the healing energy being sent to those named below the prayer.

This page is designed to act as a focus for Healing energies. Your intention of requesting/creating Healing energy will connect with the intentions of others who have the same focus, thus creating a beautiful peaceful energy for anyone who opens the page.

Names will automatically be entered into our Healing Book in the Dunedin Spiritualist Church, unless we are asked not to do so. They will remain anonymous as stated above.


Divine Loving Creator,

We pray for Healing

For all in our Healing List.

May they receive

Healing, Love, Peace,

Strength, Guidance and Protection.


We ask on behalf of:

Tom, Malia, and their family and friends

Krystal, Shoey, and their family and friends

Lisa and Amber

Kaz, Dylan, Aj

Elizabeth Wakeford

Raymond Denniston

Sarah, Ivy, Sophia, Byron

Kevin and Coleen

Brodie, Kayla, Mateo



Ray and Sandra



Sarah and Nikora


Serena, Theresa, David

Lucy and Grandad


Ivan, Gwen, Sarah, Diana and extended family

Margie and family

Neisha and Tyler


Lance and Kim

Jo and family

Jill and family

Tony, Vickie and Asta


Family of Geoffrey Alan Nicholson

Jack Stewart

Family of Elsie


Peter O.


Keith M. and family

Amelia and baby



Ngaire P.

Joy M.

Casey and family

Pam T.

Ron S.

Jennifer S.

Toby and his family

All victims of the Christchurch shootings 15 March 2019; their families; their communities; the New Zealand Police; all medical personnel working with victims; and all in Aotearoa/New Zealand who are shocked and grieving

Ross and Jude

Craig and his family and friends