Welcome to our beautiful Sanctuary!

The basic beliefs of Spiritualism are:

We are Spiritual Beings sharing in the unity of the universe.

Our essence survives beyond bodily death.

The Seven Principles of Spiritualism

The Source of All is Universal Love

The Unity of Creation

Spiritual Healing and Guidance from Spirit Friends, Teachers and Angels

The Existence and Identity of the Individual continue after death

Personal Responsibility for all aspects of our lives

We create our lives through our thoughts, words and actions

Eternal Progress and Enlightenment open to every Soul

These principles are guidelines with Liberty of Interpretation.

Every Sunday evening we hold a Service which lasts for approximately an hour and thirty minutes. During this time we have prayers, sing songs, and enjoy a short meditation while Spiritual Healing is offered.

Each week a Guest Speaker gives a talk, and shares with us her/his specialty and/or experiences. These talks cover many aspects of life and living. The Speaker is followed by a demonstration of clairvoyance.

Supper is provided after the Service, and everyone is invited to stay to socialise, ask questions, or receive comfort and support if it is needed.

Whatever your background and understanding, we hope you will find something in our Services which will feel right for you. We hope to provide you with something which stimulates your thinking, and helps you to feel at peace within yourself.