What are Ghosts?

Ghosts are considered to be the spirits of dead people, capable of making themselves seen, felt or heard by those still living. Many people consider ghosts to be ethereal figures that glide noiselessly across a room. In reality, many ghosts are never seen, but are instead heard, touched, smelled or simply sensed. There are many different categories into which ghosts fall:

Most ghosts appear in order to communicate something. It may be a warning of danger; comforting the grieving; information about an item or event, or completion of some unfinished business. Often, once this communication has happened, they are happy to pass over to the spirit realm. It may be necessary for a person such as a Medium to communicate with these ghosts in order to help them pass over. This is especially true with those who have died suddenly and do not realise that they are dead. A good Medium can see these Souls, talk to them, tell them of the love that awaits them in Spirit, turn them with love to the light and watch them as they go to Spirit.

Ghosts can also be called by other names, such as:

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