The links below will take you to Meditation Videos on YouTube. Most are guided meditations, with relaxing imagery. Some are music only. Click on a Meditation title to open the link. For best results, use headphones, and expand the video to full screen. Make sure the volume is at a comfortable level for you before you begin. The Meditations vary in length; some are long, some are short. You may experience a brief advertisement on YouTube before the video commences.

Stress Relief


Running With Wolves (fantasy meditation)



3 hours of crackling fire. No voice-over.

Relaxing Nature Sounds

8 hours bird song and water flowing. No voice-over.

Tibetan Singing Bowls

Sorry, no longer available.

Sleep Music

10h11m11s. No voice-over.

Indian Flute Music for Yoga

1h07m53s. No voice-over.

Native American Shamanic Music

3 hours. No voice-over - no video.

Aura Cleansing Sleep Meditation: 7 Chakras cleanse

2h54m42s. No voice-over.

The Unicorn Glade (fantasy meditation)