Mediumship and Mediums

Mediumship is a communication between spirits, those on the earth plane and those in the spirit realm. All of us have some sixth sensing ability to the dimensions outside of our physical world. However, for some people this sense is far more developed and it is possible for them to act as receivers of information from spirit entities. These entities may be guides, helpers and angels or it may be family members who are no longer in the physical world.

A person who has the ability to communicate with the Spirit Realm can be referred to as a medium, a sensitive or a channeller. These people are able to reach out to the Spirit realm and open a line of communication to the non-physical entities or energies known as Spirit. Communication then becomes possible between a deceased person's spirit (discarnate spirit) and the living person's spirit (incarnate spirit).

The medium is, in effect, a human transmitter similar to a radio or television set. He or she is able to tune in to a world of activity that for the rest of mankind is both invisible and inaudible. Initially, while mediums are learning this communication, they will limit their abilities, but as they develop and gain more confidence they will find that the range of communication available, is infinite.

In order to gain the communication, the medium tunes into those on his or her wavelength and registers what is 'seen' and 'heard'. Neither the 'seeing' or the 'hearing' involves use of the physical eyes or the ears, but rather is passed from the entity in the spirit realm through the mediums own spirit. The communication may be received in a number of ways such as impressions on the mediums mind, hearing, seeing pictures, feeling or gaining an understanding or a knowing. Hence we have mediums who can communicate with the spirit world in a similar way to a person fluent in two languages can perform simultaneous translation for two persons who could otherwise not communicate.

Contact with the spirit realm in this way allows the medium to give proof of survival of life after death. This may be in the form of details of appearance, mannerisms, or by relaying information about the personality that the medium could have no possible way of knowing. However, there are some limitations. If a spirit or human does not want to converse then all the efforts on the part of a medium and one of the other two are in vain! This is no different than trying to call a friend using a telephone (or medium) if that friend is not in, asleep, or determinedly not answering - then communication will not follow.

Strange as this all seems it really is that simple. A person speaks to a medium; a medium relates to his/her own spirit and the medium's spirit talks to spirits in the spirit world. Where is the spirit world? All around us in another dimension which we mere mortals are unable to perceive!

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