The books listed below are highly recommended for helping to grow a personal connection to, and understanding about, spirit, spirituality and spiritualism.

All books have links to online sites where they may be purchased - click on the image or book title. Local libraries may also have copies available.

This list will grow over time as new books are published and older books come to our attention.

The Journey Home

A Kryon Parable: The Story of Michael Thomas and the Seven Angels

by Lee Carroll

"This parable 'The Journey Home', from Kryon, is filled with penetrating insights about how we can return to our true selves. As soon as you read this wonderful story, you will be hooked as you recognize yourself, and your own situations."

This book is a "seriously MUST READ!" It is filled with the energy and wisdom of Kryon, and lovingly written by his channel, Lee Carroll.

Available in paperback and ebook, from Amazon and from the Kryon website. Click the book image or title to go to