Spiritual Healing and Healers

Spiritual Healing may be described as an energy from a Divine Source. This source is perceived in many different ways which may have been structured and influenced by family religion, communities lived in, or personal religious choice in adulthood. Some have no thoughts or belief whatsoever.

However, a common thread amongst all belief systems is a faith in a Divine Source that creates all things - no matter what name it is given. If we perceive the Divine source as the creative force behind all life, then we would also recognise that this energy is found within our world of nature. Most are aware of the healing properties within all the elements of our natural world. So, it follows that wherever as an individual we understand Healing energy to come from - it all originates from that source.

The aim of Spiritual Healing is to restore balance of body, mind and spirit - an "holistic" approach. There is nothing magical or mystical about healing, it is a perfectly natural process - a natural flow of Divine energy channelled through the healing medium to the recipient. This brings positive energy into the energy field of the patient creating changes that can in turn promote healing within the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies of the patient.

Healing mediums are ordinary people who have made the choice to unfold the ability to channel healing energy to those in need. They open their spiritual mind, thus enabling them to channel the energy to the spiritual mind and body of the patient, often assisted by guides, or helpers from the spirit world, eventually, sometimes instantly, having a positive effect for the patient.

Spiritual Healing can assist any ailment, whether it is to relieve stress, bring relief from great pain, to assist the healing process of injury or sickness, or to convey a sense of peace and calm to someone preparing to leave this world. HOWEVER, A HEALER CAN NEVER PROMISE TO EXACT A CURE - they are purely the channel for the Divine source. Patients must understand that often possibility of complete cure will rest upon their decision to make changes within their own lives - to find and deal with the cause, rather than just the effect. It may be the patient is going through a certain experience to enhance their own understanding or spiritual growth. This may explain why healing works in some instances and not others.

No healing energy is wasted, it will be beneficial in some way, even if it is not obvious to the patient - it may purely touch and strengthen the spirit or bring about a sense of inner peace.

Spiritual Healing can work for anyone, no matter what faith, or even if there is no faith. It is beneficial nonetheless, when receiving healing, to have an open mind to all possibilities - for both healer and patient.

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