When Does The Soul Enter The Physical Body?

This is a question that is widely debated and, always with this type of question, there are many answers. The following is one of those answers.

At the time of conception, there has already been a great deal of planning and organisation. For the soul who will join with this physical body has chosen the lessons it wishes to learn in this lifetime, the souls it wishes to have contact with, and the pathway that it wishes to follow. For instance, imagine yourself going to a party. Your preparations will start some time before the actual event itself. You may spend hours, days or even weeks working out how you will dress, travel etc, until all the details are brought together. So it is with a spirit planning to inhabit a physical body for a period of time. Therefore the connection with the physical body starts before there is any physical body at all.

During the pregnancy there is a period of consolidation between the soul and the physical body. In this time the soul will move between both realms, gradually allowing the adjustment to take place, to start to develop a feeling for the environment into which it is moving and for the souls that it will share its life with. This adjustment is completed before the time of birth as it is essential that the soul is totally present to experience the return to the earth plane.

Once this has been successfully accomplished, there is a continuing time of adjustment, as the combined new born soul and physical body continue to adjust to its new environment. The soul will continue to move between both realms throughout its life on earth. However, this happens more frequently while the young physical being is adjusting. As the person grows older the movement between the realms happens more often while they are asleep.

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