Spiritual Healing is an important part of Spiritualism. It has been practised for thousands of years by many different cultures. Many of the miracles of Jesus were achieved through Spiritual Healing.

There are many different methods of Spiritual Healing used by different people and organisations. Although there is much room for individual techniques, we as Spiritualists are greatly influenced by the techniques of Harry Edwards, who was a prominent English healer.

One of his main principles was simplicity. While many healing techniques can be flamboyant, and look impressive, his healing work showed that the simple direct approach was just as powerful.

People come for Spiritual Healing for many reasons. There may be a specific physical complaint, emotional difficulties, or merely a need to boost sagging energy levels.

Healing can be given while the patient is either in a sitting or lying position.

Usually the Spiritual Healer's hands will first be placed on your shoulders, or perhaps be moved through your aura once or twice to clear it. From there, the healer's hands may stay on your shoulders or may be drawn to another part of your body. Sometimes there will not even be any physical contact, but the healing power is still being transmitted.

The healing energy is not coming from the healer. He or she is the channel through which healing happens. The healing energy comes from the highest source, which many people call God.

Through prayer and meditation the healer becomes attuned to the Spirit source, and the healing energy or vibration is then transmitted to the patient to effect the healing.

Loving Spirit beings are always present. These Healing Guides control and direct the healing energy.

Spiritual healing does not hurt and will not produce any adverse reaction to any medication you may be taking.

You may feel a tingling sensation or warmth from the healer's hands. Healing can occur at both the spirit and physical levels. The results of healing may not appear immediately, so don't worry if you don't notice any immediate changes. Often, repeat visits are necessary.

Sometimes we have an ailment to teach us a lesson about life. It may be to teach us patience, or to warn us of greater health dangers if we do not take notice. Physical symptoms may recur or may not heal until you have learnt what you needed to about your complaint. Spiritual Healing will, however, always help in some way.

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If you would like to receive healing, you can come to any of our Sunday services held at 7pm. Healing is offered within the service.

Private healing sessions may be able to be arranged after consultation with an authorised Healer. Enquiries can be made to a church committee member.