The links below will take you to articles of interest to anyone enquiring about Spiritualism and its related phenomena and practices.

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Spiritualist Church of New Zealand [SCNZ] Website Articles:

What Is Spiritualism?

Mediumship and Mediums

What are the Ethics of Mediumship



Spiritual Healing

A Timeline of Spiritualism

Spiritualism in New Zealand

Emma Hardinge Britten

Allan Kardec

What Are Ghosts?

When Does the Soul Enter the Physical Body?

About the Spiritualist Church of New Zealand

The Spiritualists' National Union (U.K.) Website Articles:

The Fox Sisters

The 7 Principles

Spiritualist Philosophy


Spiritualism and Science

The Origins of Spiritualism

Other Websites:

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Spiritualism and Meditation

What is Light?

Do Ghosts Manifest as Balls of Energy (Orbs)?

Definition of a Spiritualist

What is a Medium?

What are the Akashic Records?

What is Attunement?